Twitter list

    Name PI Twitter  
1   Dan Martell 81 @danmartell  

Family first! CEO / Founder of Clarity Tech investor Passions #entrepreneurship #product #marketing

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2   Hiten Shah 76 @hnshah  

Married to @AmeeShah. I've started two analytics companies, @KISSmetrics and @CrazyEgg with @NeilPatel. Love creating something big out of nothing.

startups google inc technology venture capital social networking cloud computing



3   Paul McKellar 72 @pm  

SVAngel. @Square founding team. Programmer.

4   Othman Laraki 72 @othman  

growth @ twitter by profession / kiter by addiction / nerd & entrepreneur by passion / casablanca native by origination (العراقي)

5   Robert Cezar Matei 68 @rmatei  

if you like @rmatei you'll love!

6   Paul Rosania 62 @ptr  

Growth @ Twitter

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7   noah kagan 61 @noahkagan  


mobile devices fitness digital marketing digital media animation data mining



8   gregtseng 58 @gregtseng  

Founder & CEO of Tagged. Follow us @tagged

9   Jesse Farmer 54 @jfarmer  

Co-founder Dev Bootcamp, co-founder Everlane

10   Brett Hardin 54 @miscsecurity  

Developer at @KISSmetrics. Security enthusiast. Let me know if I can help you.

11   akashgarg 54 @akashgarg  

Director of Engineering, Growth Team @ Twitter

12   Michael Birch 54 @mickbirch  

I like the internet. It's lovely.

13   Matt Humphrey 54 @matthumphreycar  

Manager – Content Communications for @NASCAR, digital leader, former Content Manager at Orlando Sentinel, social media strategist and coach

14   Blake Commagere 54 @commagere  

Social Gaming Pioneer. CEO of

15   alexschultz 54 @alexschultz  

What I say here are my own thoughts not those of my employer. I am director of internet marketing at facebook and love it.

16   Siqi Chen 54 @blader  

generalist entrepreneur. ceo @ herelabs, gm @ zynga, ceo @ seriousbusiness, angel investor @ flashsoft, benchrank, higear., chirpme.

17   Mike Greenfield 54 @mike_greenfield; help w/ data/growth (@500startups); startup adviser/investor. Cofounded @circleofmoms, @teamrankings; early data guy @paypal, @linkedin

18   Даниль 52 @dkhasanshin  

Director at

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19   Danielle Morrill 50 @daniellemorrill  

Obsessed with living well. CEO & Cofounder of @Referly, Forbes 30 Under 30 Social/Mobile 2011

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20   Yee Lee 50 @yeeguy  

i loves me some internets

21   Gustaf Alströmer 48 @gustaf  

Product & Growth @Airbnb. Previously Growth @Voxer

22   Josh Elman 48 @joshelman  

Product Guy. I have worked on Twitter, Facebook Connect, Zazzle, LinkedIn, RealPlayer. Principal at Greylock, looking for crazy new things.

gadgets economics apple inc finance social media technology



23   Nabeel Hyatt 46 @nabeel  

entrepreneur, investor, geek, product guy. vc @ spark.

24   dave zohrob 45 @dzohrob  

CEO & co-founder,

25   Lars Lofgren 45 @larslofgren  

I help businesses grow their profits using online marketing. Marketing Analyst @KISSmetrics.

26   Aaron Ginn 45 @aginnt  

growth is fun. I study people, habits, and beliefs. former growth hacker for Romney. Now at SU. I believe in One greater than myself. #crossfit #politics

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27   eshmu 44 @eshmu  

Product/Technology guy. Interested in big problems & big ideas.

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28   Richard Price 43 @richardprice100  

Founder of We're hiring engineers

samsung films cheese geography hockey outdoors



29   Ivan Kirigin 42 @ikirigin  

who dares, wins

startups wrestling entrepreneurship economics science media



30   Sean Work 41 @seanvwork  

The keyboard is mightier than the sword :)




31   Jamie Quint 41 @jamiequint  

Work: Founder @ Lookcraft. Life: startups, sports, fashion, travel, and the great outdoors. Past: PM Growth @ Swipley, YC Alumni (W08).

art history desserts and baking cheese tea business consultancy wine



32   Sean Ellis 40 @seanellis  

CEO/Founder Qualaroo (Understand & influence website user behavior). First marketer at Dropbox, Lookout, Xobni, LogMeIn (IPO), and Uproar (IPO).

mobile devices mobile phones apple inc startups space advertising



33   David King 37 @deekay  

making better

34   Jia Shen 35 @mekatek  

Founder of RockYou. Social Applications, Social Games. I 3 Games. PEW PEW!

35   Mattan Griffel 35 @mattangriffel  

partner at @growhack, teacher at @ga and @skillshare, growth hacker at @qventures, ny ambassador at @sandbox_network, rails developer and philosopher.

36   ivko maksimovic 32 @ivko  


37   Ed Baker 31 @esbaker  

news and society social issues business and finance technology sports product management



38   JamesCurrier 31 @jamescurrier  
39   Joe Greenstein 31 @greenstein_joe  

I am Rachel Sheinbein's husband.

40   stan chudnovsky 23 @stan_chudnovsky  
41   Aatif Awan 23 @aatif_awan  

Product Lead, User Growth at LinkedIn. Past lives: PM at Bing, Microsoft

42   Ken Zi Wang 11 @kenziwang  

@Fandrop builder, HackGrowth.Me writer, Fantoon Labs founder

leisure and lifestyle science and environment technology and internet education sports social issues